Your Top Medicare Questions Answered By Kelly Allen

Here at TFS, it’s our goal to serve clients in the best way possible and sometimes that involves strategic collaboration with other industry leaders. We act as a quarterback for our clients, bringing in other professional relationships as needed to give you the finest team possible. When it comes to Medicare enrollment, Kelly Allen is a key member of that team.

What do Medicare and an amusement park have in common? After meeting with Kelly Allen, owner of Kelly Allen Agency, we discovered the answer.

“Original Medicare,” she says “is like an admissions ticket to an amusement park. It might get you into the fairgrounds, but the rides, food, and prizes always cost extra.”

Our team had the pleasure to speak with Kelly about our article, which covers key information you need to know about Medicare enrollment, most notably curating coverage that works for your unique needs. You’ll see her experience in insurance and passion for Medicare sparkle off the page.

Kelly’s journey to insurance began over 6 years ago when she discovered a need in her community. Kelly’s business offers clients a wide array of services from assistance with the Affordable Care Act, employer benefits, group benefits, travel, home, and auto policies as well as any other insurance needs.

Her passion for Medicare sprung from her tight-knit family. “Watching my grandmother move into Medicare and not knowing where to go or how to help her pushed me to learn more,” Kelly explained. And what she found out sent her on a mission to help countless retirees build the right risk management plan they desperately needed.

We are fortunate to work with a professional in the field to bring you the information you need when selecting the right coverage for you. Before we delve into the ins and outs of Medicare plans, we want to take it back to the basics and define some key terms you will need to know to walk with purpose and confidence through the amusement park adventure that is Medicare. Join us live on May 25th!

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May 25 2021


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