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We serve clients from every walk of life, and at every point in their careers. In general, our clients fall into one of the following categories:

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The Journey to Retirement

Planning ahead is often difficult, but it provides financial visibility for the road ahead. If you’re looking for a financial advisor to help you invest for your family’s future and generations to come, we’re here to help.

We help our clients create a plan that cares for their family for generations to come. From education planning to creating your ideal retirement plan – we’re available to help you gain confidence around your financial decisions. You deserve to move through life with peace of mind knowing that your family (and your finances) are well taken care of.

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“CFOs” of the Household

Many of our clients are women who have been widowed or divorced and are looking to develop a financial plan that’s unique to them as they make the retirement transition.

You may be wondering how your lifestyle will change as you move through retirement, and how to create a plan that reflects the lifestyle you want during this new chapter in your life. Things may feel unstable as you gear up for retirement, and we’re here to help provide clarity and understanding to your situation. Our goal is to empower you to be self-sufficient in your role as the “CFO” of your household, while also freeing you up to spend your time and energy to enhance, protect, and focus on your family, community, and interests.

We’re here to help answer your financial questions, and provide you with the education and resources you need to make confident decisions about your money. We’ll stay with you through every big decision, and help you create a plan that’s tailored to you.

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Boeing Employees

As Washington locals, we have worked with hundreds of Boeing employees over the years. While everyone’s goals are different, our extensive knowledge of Boeing’s pension and benefits plans can help you maximize your retirement. If you’re a Boeing employee looking toward retirement, you are probably wondering the following:

  • Is my Boeing Company Voluntary Investment Plan (VIP) set up to meet my goals?
  • How easy will it be for me to transition into retirement?
  • How do I maximize my pension benefits?
  • How do I set up my retirement income?
  • Do I qualify for Boeing’s healthcare benefit?

Many of our Boeing clients are faced with these same retirement dilemmas. Together, we help you start making confident money decisions, and plan for a fulfilling retirement.

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Planning for the Next Generation

Many of our clients are working hard to create a legacy and make an impact that sets the next several generations up for financial success. Often, this means partnering with the children or grandchildren of our current clients to create lasting wealth strategies that help them achieve their short and long-term goals.

Individuals who are mid-career have a unique set of pain points. Balancing enjoying their life and their kids with a busy career and, often, parents who need assistance can be a challenge. Our goal is to help them clarify their values and create a holistic wealth strategy that:

  1. Allows them to enjoy their day-to-day.
  2. Plans for a successful retirement.
  3. Takes into account the possibility of inheritance, and how to be a steward of any wealth they receive.
  4. Sets their children up for success with thoughtful education and savings planning.

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