Divorce is a painful, often ugly process that can feel like it will drag on forever. If you’re currently going through a divorce, chances are you’re asking yourself at least one of the following questions:


How do I separate my assets correctly?

Divorce proceedings are often fueled by hurt and resentment, which can lead you to make emotional decisions. We come alongside you to provide an experienced perspective that ensures the integrity of your financial future is well represented as assets are separated.

We have helped dozens of clients get through divorces by focusing on how their new financial picture can help them realize their goals.

I need someone I can trust on my side, how can you help me?

In a divorce, one party often has most of the professional contacts, including the financial advisor and CPA. This often leaves the other party feeling lost and alone.
Over the last thirty years, we have helped divorced clients through matters both legal and personal. We have testified in court, helped review allocation of assets, assisted with the purchase of the first home post-divorce, and served as all-around advocates during what can be one of the loneliest periods of life.*

Often the kids get fragmented information and don’t know who to believe creating a family fracture. Through conversation and education, we are able to alleviate some of the pressure and improve relationships.

Whatever the situation, we will make sure your best interest is protected.

Advice is free. Guidance is invaluable.

Don’t approach retirement on your own.