Unlike many advisors, we do our financial planning in-house.
Our comprehensive plan includes…

Risk Assessment

Risk drives the markets, but everyone’s risk level is different. We perform an initial analysis to match your risk tolerance to an appropriate level to help accomplish your goals. Then we continually monitor your portfolio to help make sure that level is maintained.

Cash Flow Analysis

Having money that you can’t get to is incredibly frustrating when unexpected expenses occur. We’ll help you make sure you always have cash on hand, just in case.

Income Planning

Establishing a reliable, sufficient income stream is a foundational piece of living the life you want. We’ll help you make sure you have enough money coming in, and we’ll put a plan in place that can help it stay that way.

Investment Analysis

Your investments are one of the most important building blocks of your financial plan. We’ll evaluate your portfolio and see where things look like they’re working and where things look like they could use a little work.

Goal Development

Most people have goals, but often they haven’t figured out how to accomplish them. We’ll help you establish firm goals and build a clear path ahead so you know how you’ll get there.

Legacy Planning

Whatever you want to do with your money – leave it to your loved ones, give it to charity, establish a foundation – we can help you leave the legacy you want to leave.

Comprehensive Business Benefits Planning

Your business is like your child, and you want to make sure it’s cared for now and in the future. We can help you improve your business in several ways, including the following…


Liquidity Event Planning

If you are planning to sell your business, you want to make sure the transition goes smoothly, and once it’s over, you want to use the money wisely. Will you put it toward retirement, another venture, or something else? We can help you map out your new reality.


Employee Benefits

Are your employees happy with their benefits? Are they using them correctly? Are they getting everything out of them that they could? Through our partners, we help set up a benefit plan and host regular education events both on- and off-site.

Healthcare benefits are provided by a TFS partner.


Owner Benefits

Most retirement savings programs allow the employees to save a greater percentage of their income than that of the business owners due to income limitations. In addition, defined benefit programs are usually more beneficial to older owners. If you’ve hit the maximum contribution limits for these programs, you may want to consider alternative saving strategies to achieve a similar relative income percentage in retirement as your employees. We can help you find other avenues so you can save the amount you want in order to live the life you want in retirement.


Estate Planning

Leaving a legacy for the people you love can be a complex process. We coordinate with your attorneys and other advisors to ensure your estate plan is up to date and set up correctly.


Advanced Retirement Benefit Planning

If you’ve maxed out your contributions to qualified retirement accounts such as your 401(k) and you still want to save more, there are other tools you can use that require you to be more selective. We can help you save additional amounts using multiple strategies depending on your needs.


Retirement Planning

Your retirement should be care-free, but planning for it is tough. We help you plan for the retirement of your dreams in many ways, including with our “Social Security Maximizer,” which helps determine when is the right time for you to claim your benefits.


Tax Planning

Poor tax planning can result in you leaving thousands of dollars on the table. We work directly with your other professional advisors, including sending tax reports to your CPAs and coordinating with them to maximize the tax efficiency of your plan.


Education Funding

Paying for your loved ones to go to college is a noble goal that is all too often derailed by poor planning and unexpected taxes. We’ll help you optimize your approach so your loved ones are taken care of.


Charitable Gifting

Whether you want to give to a charity, church, or family, we can help you do it in a way that maximizes your gifts and minimizes your taxes.


Financial Organization

Getting and staying organized can be a challenge, especially if you are keeping track of documents for your entire family. To help you, we provide a Personal Financial Organizer to systematize your information. This resource can increase your own efficiency and tidiness. We recommend you bring this in whenever we meet to discuss your finances. In order to accommodate your preferred working environment, we offer physical or digital versions of the organizer.