A Guide to Retiring in Edmonds, Washington

Considering Edmonds as Your Retirement Home?

Retirees often find it challenging to decide where to live for several reasons. This decision carries significant long-term implications for their quality of life and well-being. This guide provides essential information for retirees considering Edmonds as their retirement home. 

Are you ready to explore Edmonds? Let us be your personal tour guide. After all, the TFS Advisors team is headquartered in Edmonds, Washington. We’ve all raised our families here, and work with financial planning clients in the local area who have built thriving lives as they’ve moved to and through their retirement journey.

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What Do We Go Over?

As Edmonds locals, we’re passionate about our growing community. In our new eBook A Guide to Retiring in Edmonds, we’re going over:

Chapter 1: Exploring Edmonds

Chapter 2: Getting Acquainted with Local Organizations

Chapter 3: Navigating the Real Estate Market

Chapter 4: Financial Considerations and Tax Laws

Chapter 5: Healthcare and Wellness Facilities

Chapter 6: Navigating Transportation and Accessibility

Chapter 7: Embracing the Outdoors

Chapter 8: Engaging in Lifelong Learning

About TFS Advisors

At TFS Advisors, we plan for more than just your retirement. Our comprehensive approach empowers our clients to make financial decisions with confidence to move them toward their ideal future.

Together, we help our clients clarify their goals and create a financial strategy that helps them move toward the life they’ve always imagined for themselves.

With our background in retirement coaching and comprehensive financial planning, we’re able to connect with our clients over so much more than just the dollars and cents of their financial plan.

Unlike many advisors, we do our financial planning in-house. Our comprehensive plan includes…


Cash Flow





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