Boeing Retirement Planning Webinar Series

Welcome to the Boeing Retirement Planning Webinar Series

This four-part series is designed to set you up for the flight of your life – retirement! We’ll deliver one new webinar to your inbox each week as you start your planning journey.


Lesson 1: Retirement Planning Basics

Let’s review your goals, and how to set up a retirement plan that works for you.

Lesson 2: Understanding Boeing Benefits

Being aware of your Boeing-specific benefits and how they impact you can help you get organized.

Lesson 3: Retirement Income Building

What goes into creating your retirement income? We’ll review the building blocks you can leverage.

Lesson 4: Building Your Retirement

In our final webinar, we’ll put it all together to get you started toward creating your retirement!

Meet Dale and Aaron

Dale Terwedo has been in practice since 1983. Over the past three decades, he has enjoyed watching his small firm grow into a family of professionals and clients.

In 2003, Dale decided to put his pilot’s license to good use by flying for AngelFlight West – a nonprofit organization of volunteer pilots who, at their own expense, provide transportation to people who are financially distressed or have a time-critical medical condition. He has found his work as an AngelFlight pilot to be similar to his work as a financial advisor. At AngelFlight, his attention to precision and logic help him get people where they need to go when they’re on a critical timeline. As an advisor, those qualities allow him to help clients make smart financial decisions so they can pursue what is most important to them.

Dale married Tara in 1981. They have two sons: Ryan and Aaron. Terwedo family interests include camping, volunteering, church activities, and super oval racing, among other things.

Aaron Terwedo entered the US Army at 19 and served for eight years, including three deployments overseas during the Global War on Terrorism. After that, he worked at a VA counseling center in Mesa, Arizona, during which he also earned an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Mesa Community College. He is now a Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™.

Aaron has lived in multiple states and countries over the last ten years, but landed back in Washington, where he now lives with his wife, Emily, and their sons, Graham and Channing and their daughter, Oakley. They enjoy camping, sports, and helping fellow veterans in their local community. They are also diehard Seattle Seahawks fans. Go Hawks!

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