Office Hours Q&A: Comparing Mutual Funds and ETFs

Welcome to Our Recurring Q&A Event

At TFS Advisors, we are proud to serve clients who are interested in investing, and who want to learn more about the “why” behind their portfolio management. In today’s environment where interest rates are on the rise, knowing where to invest your wealth can feel complicated. We’re here to help! 

In our July 2022 Office Hours Q&A event, we’re excited to host Jeff Cornell of Avantis Investors. He’ll be giving us insight and answering questions about how investors can compare mutual funds and ETFs, and how to know which avenue best fits your unique needs.

We hope to see you there!

What to Expect

In this virtual Q&A session, we’ll be focusing on answering questions from both clients and non-clients who are currently retirement planning or investing for their goals, and want help navigating the unique-to-them roadblocks they’re facing. 

This virtual event is one we’re excited to host frequently this year. We’re hoping to create a judgment-free zone for attendees from all life stages and financial backgrounds to come, get their questions answered, and have fun! 

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July 22nd at 12 PM PT

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