Planning ahead is often difficult, but it provides financial visibility for the road ahead. If you’re looking for a financial advisor to help you invest for your family’s future and generations to come, you might be wondering the following:


How can I be confident that my family will be taken care of?

First and foremost, your future depends on your financial plan. A lot of people think financial advisors are just here to help you manage your investments. In reality, that is less than half of what we do for most people. A large portion of our services revolve around building a financial plan that matches your financial situation and goals while maintaining a risk level you are comfortable with. Holistic wealth management takes into account the entirety of your life so everything is covered. You’ll want to work with an advisor who does more than simply balance risk and growth inside your portfolio. We’ll look at the big picture before we address your allocations. Confidence comes from knowledge and action. At TFS, we will help you develop a realistic picture of your current financial situation, talk with you about your long-term goals, and develop a plan to help you reach them. We are more than happy to help you understand how we are managing your wealth by taking the complex and breaking it down into simpler parts. We enjoy explaining the fundamental concepts in ways that are easy to comprehend. We’ll remove the mystery surrounding your finances through organization, communication, education, and transparency.

Will I have enough money to last me the rest of my life?

The closer people get to the end of their money while they’re still healthy, the more uncomfortable they get. Your first line of defense against financial uncertainty when it comes to your life expectancy is a plan. Nobody wants to run out of money while they’re still alive, so our plans account for you living to at least 95.

What is the best way to ensure I leave a legacy I can be proud of for the next generation?

Your legacy isn’t just based on how much money you leave to your children. It might be about how you serve your community and what you do with your money while you’re still alive. You can help your children, grandchildren, and other loved ones pay for college or other expenses. But taxes often unnecessarily inhibit gift-giving for many people if they don’t approach it correctly. You’re building wealth for you and your family, but also for the next generation. As you earn and plan for the future, we come alongside you to help you be ready for retirement and to pass on a legacy of financial stability to the next generation. With more than thirty years of experience managing complex financial issues, we are always happy to meet with your adult children and discuss as much (or as little) of your financial situation with them as you like. Family meetings help everyone get on the same page.

Can you help me prepare my children to understand finances better?

One of the biggest roadblocks to better financial understanding is a family that doesn’t talk about money issues, and that describes most families. We have to do a better job if we want our children to manage their assets well. A third party can often be helpful in providing a neutral, unbiased perspective. At TFS, we welcome the opportunity to have your children join you for planning meetings and for educational sessions.

What’s the first step?

Our first step is to sit down with you for a free introductory consultation. Together, we’ll determine if our philosophy and practice are the right fit to add value to your family.

Advice is free. Guidance is invaluable.

Put your family’s future in the hands of professionals.