Boeing Employees

We have worked with hundreds of Boeing employees over the years. While everyone’s goals are different, our extensive knowledge of Boeing’s pension and benefits plans can help you maximize your retirement. If you’re a Boeing employee looking toward retirement, you are probably wondering the following:


Is my Boeing Company Voluntary Investment Plan (VIP) set up to meet my goals?

Whether you’re a machinist, engineer, manager, or contractor, we can help you discover if you are fully utilizing this benefit as we understand the complexity of fund selection within the VIP. However, fund selection is just one part of using your VIP. We’ll look across the spectrum of your investments and make sure your plan is synchronized.

How do I maximize my pension benefits?

If you took a lump sum buyout offer in 2016 or are considering taking one in 2017 or beyond, you want to make sure you’re putting it to good use. If you plan to keep your pension in place, we’ll help you make sure this hard-earned benefit is working for you. Either way, we’ll strive to make every retirement asset you have work harmoniously toward achieving your financial goals.

Wondering how to live a fulfilling retirement?


Whether you’re a Boeing employee yourself, or your spouse or partner is a Boeing employee, it’s important to understand the in’s and out’s of Boeing’s retirement plan opportunities.

Let’s walk through each of these savings opportunities you may have available to you, and how you can start leveraging them to reach your retirement goals. Download our free guide today.